How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

How To Choose A  Wedding Photographer 



Are you currently searching and wondering how to choose a wedding photographer? It is baffling isn’t it.  With so many people to choose from with different approaches, aesthetics, practises and prices. This blog is hopefully going to make things a little easier for you. With five helpful and insightful points, this blog is going to give you a summary of why I believe we should work together. Hopefully some of the conversation surrounding my natural wedding photography style will resonate somewhere within you. If you wanted to scope out the lay of the land before we continue then here are some words on my photographic approach. Otherwise, lets get cracking with my five reasons why we should work together!


FIVE reasons why YOU should book ME to photograph your WEDDING in SURREY, Kent,

DENMARK and virtually anywhere across the UK and ABROAD


Natural wedding photography // camera hangs by the side of a waist with a hand holding the body




You have been squirrelling away on the web and came across my wedding website. Perhaps in your search bar you typed in “Natural Wedding Photography Surrey” and up popped my name. Scrolling though the pages you fell in love with my documentary style and approach to wedding photography.  If you are craving natural and relaxed portraits and fun wedding photography then this is the place for you. It is also probably why you stumbled onto this page. As a couple you want your wedding photography to hold a space and to tell the authentic story of your day.

Capturing a story is my favourite part of being a wedding photographer. I will be there to document your day just as it is. From every smile and heartfelt tear to every kiss and every spontaneous moment in between.  You are wonderful, beautiful and perfect just as you are and as your wedding photographer I will be present through all of it. No photographic gimmicks and glitter required, just the portrayal of how fabulous and amazing you are together.


How to choose a wedding photographer // couple stand smiling intently at each other in a London mews




As a couple you want to know that you have entrusted your wedding to a professional with enough experience to withstand the heat. By heat I do not mean weather (although if last years heat wave was anything to go by I can safely say that I am well equipped). I have photographed over 50 weddings since beginning this journey in 2014. Rest assured I have encountered most types of weddings.

I have been present and photographed pub weddings, festival weddings, intimate weddings and over 200 attendee weddings, barn weddings, destination weddings, Surrey weddings, Christian weddings, Hindu weddings, Winter weddings, Summer and Spring weddings, LGBTQ weddings, registry office weddings, humanist weddings,  beach weddings, traditional weddings, alternative weddings, and stately home weddings.

The experience gained from all of these types of wedding days are extensive. I have photographed in the torrential rain, in the blistering sunshine and in the lowest light you can capture. All of these weddings have brought me to where I am today and I could not be more grateful. Providing the upmost VIP treatment for my clients is incredibly important to me. By taking a selected number of weddings per year means that I can give the most amount of dedicated time to each of my couples.


How to choose a wedding photographer // emotional guest hides his face in napkin during wedding speeches




When you wondered how to choose a wedding photographer the main issue is whether you believe wedding photographs to be important. If, as a couple, you value wedding photography with the upmost importance then you are in the right place. You are not interested in the latest trends or fads (seriously does anyone say fad anymore?) Anyway. Together you are not looking for heavily staged and photoshopped images, but rather natural wedding photography. Within your wedding album thou shalt not apply an Instagram style filter.  You are interested and yearn for images that are a testament to the day that you both created together.  Wedding photographs that gain importance the more that you look at them over time. A visual reminder of the essence of the day with relaxed, candid and creative wedding photographs.

As your photographer I offer all of these important things to you. I will be there to give this all to you. From documentary wedding photography coverage to guided family portraits. There will be candid images of your guests enjoying your wedding reception as well as beautiful detailed room and decor images. Not to mention awesome and relaxed portraits of the both of you together. Taken in a relaxed manner with no formal ‘prom’ style portraits. Just images where you feel comfortable together and enjoying one an others company.


Guest cry emotionally during an outdoor wedding ceremony




Having your photograph take is a scary thing, believe me I have endured it. Those images of my smiling in this blog were taken by a lovely fellow wedding photographer and may I say being on the other side of the lens was nerve wracking. So I appreciate what a funny and momentous thing that this is for you. Choosing the right wedding photographer can make all the difference. Still left wondering how to choose a wedding photographer? I wrote about how you could ask an actual friend to photograph your wedding, but the consensus was not a necessarily positive one.

The alternative being, why not book a wedding photographer who feels like a friend? DING DING DING! Good news – I am not bossy, shouty, argumentative or set in my ways. My job as a wedding photographer is to listen to the both of you to find out what is important. I spend a lot of time getting to know my couples and always meet up before any serious paper work is filled out. Being open and honest with your clients is utterly important to me and getting on is my number one priority.


natural wedding phootgraphy // same sex couple kiss passionately




A lot of my business comes through referrals from past couples who have worked with me. Now if this is not the biggest compliment, then I do not know what is. When someone has valued your time together enough to pass on your details to a loved one getting married it brings the biggest smile to my face. Being part of a wedding day it is important to do just that. Be part of the day. This is not insinuating that I steal the lime light, but rather I blend in to the surroundings. It is a huge acclamation when a wedding guest asks me how I know the couple getting married. I am fun and friendly to be around, yet still remaining professional and responsible enough to keep a time check. If you don’t believe me take a look at these rave reviews from my couples. If it makes any difference my mums are pretty proud of me too so they could provide you with a glowing reflection!


Danish wedding couple feed each other cake at an intimate wedding ceremony in Surrey




So there you have it, tips on how to choose a wedding photographer in a nutshell. It is so important to me that I connect with people who love what I do.  If you have made it to the end and have no desire to send me an email, this is the beauty of this industry. We are not the right fit and that is okay to acknowledge that. Ultimately you want a wedding photographer who cares about you and your wedding day.

If however you have reached this point and feel that we would bond very well over our love of natural wedding photography and a cold margarita or flat white coffee then do get in touch. We can have a conversation over Facetime or Zoom and I can send you my brochures with additional information. I work predominantly as a Surrey wedding photographer but this does not discourage my LOVE of weddings elsewhere, including Kent, London and destination weddings. Come and say hello because every wedding excites my creativity.


how to choose a wedding photographer // JEssica Grace Photography portrait


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