About Jesse

Hi, I’m Jesse. Lover of dim sum, Denmark and dahlias. And a documentary wedding photographer in Surrey.

Jesse, behind the scenes

I love dancing around my kitchen and dreaming of travelling, laughing with friends over cocktails and exploring covered food markets. And I’m a total sucker for any body of water. Whether it’s going down to the river, running along the beach or swimming in a lake, there’s something about being near water that soothes my soul!

I’m half Danish, and was bought up by two strong feminist mothers. They taught me that love is passion, friendship, compromise and unadulterated joy. And that whatever form love comes in, if you’ve found your soulmate you should cherish them above all else.

I’m super-close to my little sister. And if there are any children at your wedding, I’m dead-certain we’ll be best friends by the end of the day! My extended family is huge, and incredibly loud! I have loads of brothers and sisters who have children too. So basically all of our family gatherings are deafening, and crazy, and just insane amounts of fun!

Natural Wedding Photography in Surrey and beyond

The reason why I love weddings so much is because my family is so important to me. I love to capture all those unforgettable moments that happen when your loved ones join you for the best day of your lives. So I’ll never spend the day posing you or dragging you away from your family for hours on end so I can take photos. Because your day will be amazing, and completely unforgettable all by itself. And I want to capture it for you just as it was, so you can relive it again and again. 

My documentary wedding photography style 

When I was studying documentary filmmaking at university, we were taught to focus on the whole scene, not just part of the picture. So when I’m capturing your wedding day for you, I want to tell the whole story of the day, capturing the atmosphere, emotions and little moments that make the day uniquely yours. 

Because the group shots and the cake cutting aren’t what will set your wedding day apart. It’s the little moments that’ll make your day special. Laughing with your family, a cheeky smile at each other when no one’s looking, a few moments away from the crowds when you get to be together alone as a married couple. These are the moments you’ll always cherish in your memory, and the moments I want to keep safe for you in a photo. 

And I’ll capture them in a natural way, no fancy editing or awkward poses. So when you look through your wedding album in years to come, it’ll tell the story of your day just as it was. And all the emotions of the day will come rushing back.

“This is precious love, and it’s teaching me. Everything I need to know”

you + me

Our relationship is so important to me, and I really want us to be more than just ‘couple and photographer’. 

I want us to be good friends, so we can have a laugh, relax and fully enjoy your amazing day together.

I love working with couples who are fun, relaxed and approachable. I can always tell by the friends and family that come together to celebrate them, how wonderful and well-loved my clients are. It’s so lovely to see. And I’m blessed to still be close friends with so many of my married couples.

I’m very relaxed and calm as a person, especially on a wedding day. And so many of my past couples have told me how reassuring it was to have me there with them through the hubbub of the day. From the very beginning, I want to help you plan, guide you through the whole process and be your ‘guardian wedding angel’! I’ve shot over a hundred weddings, so when you book me, you’ll be getting a full support network, a confidante, and an eager helping hand.

Do you think we’d be a good fit? I’d love to get to know you and what you are dreaming about for your big day.

Get to know the real me!

Here’s some fun facts about me…


I love pastries, books, slurping ramen, cosy blankets and candles. 


The thought of eating baked beans makes me feel physically sick


I’m unabashedly passionate about a blisteringly scorching summer day. The hotter the better. 


I comfort-watch Schitt’s Creek. It’s on in the background while I’m editing, cleaning, eating. It’s basically the background soundtrack to my life!


My house plants and the flowers in my garden bring me untold joy


I love Polaroids and old rolls of film


I’m low-key obsessed with Haim and dance around my kitchen to them while I’m cooking


Client love

“Jesse was absolutely wonderful. ”

From the first meeting to the morning of the wedding she helped us make decisions that we might have overlooked. I honestly can’t recommend Jesse enough. Her wonderful personality,  dazzling creativity and incredible professionalism has given us the perfect wedding photos and we couldn’t be happier.

– Thea and Henrik