I do it for the love

Welcome to Jessica Grace Photography

Surrey Wedding Photography

Hey there! I’m Jesse. A perpetually-cheerful hopeless romantic. And a LGBTQ+ friendly wedding photographer in Surrey.

As your wedding photographer, I want your day to be about celebrating love, not about taking photos. I was brought up by two fabulous mothers as part of a massive, loud extended family. So a whole day surrounded by family, shouting from the rooftops that you’ve found your soulmate…well that’s my kinda day! And a day that special deserves to be captured just as it was. 

I’ll tell the story of your day in the most natural way possible. I’ll be capturing the real you, completely lost in the moment, and beautiful just as you are. So when you look through your wedding album in years to come, you’ll be transported right back to how you felt on the day. 

No fancy filters, no stuffy poses.

Just two people, surrounded by the people they love, looking like absolute superstars on the best day of their lives.

I learned from an early age that love is love. It’s pure, beautiful, and deserves to be cherished in every form.

My Approach

How I’ll be as your wedding photographer

If you’ve always imagined your wedding photographer to feel ‘as much as a guest to your wedding as your family were’ (that’s a direct quote, by the way!) then you’ve found your girl! 

I know that trusting me with your wedding photography is a huge leap of faith. So with all my heart I want to do everything I can to be the wedding photographer you’ve always wanted. We’ll be friends, we’ll have in-jokes, we’ll get excited together about all your wedding plans. And when the day finally comes, I’ll blend in and enjoy your day right alongside you, creating fun and spontaneous imagery that’s never stuffy or too posed. 

So you’ll be free to enjoy your day completely with someone you trust. Confident I’ll capture all the big and surprising moments, and all the countless treasures in between that make your day so special.

If you would like a wedding photographer who feels like a friend, I would love to hear from you!

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer

One of my favourite things to do is look through all my family’s boxes of old photographs that my Grandad took. I can get lost for hours in that world. Sitting on the floor of the living room, my tea going cold on the floor next to me, looking through these countless windows into the past. And as a wedding photographer, I know I may be biased! But I think photographs are some of your most important, save-in-a-fire belongings.

Because maybe one day, your granddaughter will be sitting on the floor of her living room looking through your wedding album. And with every turn of the page, she’ll see little knowing looks, besotted smiles, hugs with loved ones, laughter, tears.

A patchwork of moments that come together to create a real, intimate, and beautiful portrait of how you felt about each other on your wedding day.

And that’s why choosing your perfect wedding photographer is so important. Because at the end of the day your flowers will wilt, your cake will be eaten. But photography endures. So you’re not just looking for someone who can take pretty pictures. You’re investing in your history. And finding that one person you can trust to tell your love story to that little girl sitting on the floor of her living room.

you + me

Do you feel super nervous about having your photograph taken? Join the club, I get it! Having your photograph taken can be really daunting! But that shouldn’t stop you from having wedding photos you absolutely love, should it?! 

And besides, on the happiest day of your lives, you deserve to feel like superstars for the day. 

So as your wedding photographer, I never want you to feel awkward or self-conscious around me. I want you to feel confident, live in the moment, enjoy every second of it and have countless memories of the best day ever. 

Because the truth is, happy people look beautiful!

So I won’t be creating false moments, or taking photos just for the sake of taking photos. I want to capture you as you – natural, creative, comfortable you. Completely yourself, blissfully happy, and with the unmistakable glow of two people who are totally, hopelessly in love.

When in doubt, listen to the
great Moira Rose when she says,

“Believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say, ‘Dear God, I was a beautiful thing!’”


Client love

“Jesse was simply brilliant”

She made us both feel so relaxed and comfortable (both on our engagement shoot and on the big day itself). She captured everything we wanted and did it with such grace, keeping things moving along whilst making sure that was actually ‘took part’ in our day. She caught those precious natural moments and nothing felt too forced or structured. She was the perfect photographer and we now have the most wonderful photos to look back on for years to come with such fondness, love and laughter. We can’t thank her enough and would highly recommend to others!

– Ruth and Amy

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