What Schitt’s Creek Can Teach Us About Postponed COVID Weddings

What The Schitt’s Creek Wedding Can Teach Us About Your Postponed COVID Weddings




So now that you are here, you must be wondering how a television show will help with your postponed COVID weddings. Anyone who is remotely within my circle will know how much I adore the television show Schitt’s Creek.  With moments of hilarity and thought provoking scenes, Schitt’s Creek envelopes its viewers into a wonderful warming world.  For those of you who have not had the pleasure of watching this wonderful show, here is a little over view:




Postponed COVID weddings and Schitt's Creek


The series revolves around the once filthy rich family The Rose’s. There is soap star Moira Rose, TV rental store mogul Johnny Rose and their children Alexis and David.  When the family looses all their wealth they have to go and live in a town that they once bought for one another as a joke – Schitt’s Creek.  The creators (father and son team Dan and Eugene Levy – who also star in the show) described the premise of the series around the idea would The Kardashians still be The Kardashians without the money? So I know that now you are possibly wondering:


What could a TV show about a spoiled family possibly teach you about your postponed COVID weddings?


Apart from amazing comic acting from all characters and fantastically inclusive topics with David Rose explaining his sexuality by likening it to wine “I like the wine but not the label”, there is an important message from the last episode of Schitt’s Creek. David Rose finds the love of his life Patrick around series three. They are engaged and in the last episode of the entire series they get married. So here we go, my three lessons from Schitt’s Creek that we can use for your postponed COVID weddings.




This first lesson is both literal and physical. On my wedding blog advice I have already written about how to successfully plan for rain on your wedding day. You may (much like David Rose) wake up on your wedding morning and make the horrifying discovery that it is raining.  With this reality your wedding will become different to how you had imagined. Some plans may have to change, umbrellas will have to be ordered and your portraits may not look as sunny as you had imagined. Embrace the change in plans and have your inner circle of wedding party on board with the organisation.  However, you can apply this mindset to your postponed COVID weddings as well.



and embrace the change…


If there is one thing you can learn from David Rose on his wedding day – that is to have a water tight wedding crew that will sort out your big day without a bead of sweat escaping your forehead. Which leads me to my next tip on postponed COVID weddings. Meaning, that if your wedding has been set back because of the pandemic make sure that you have support.




Doing all of the re-planning by yourself can and will be exhausting. You have already gone round this roundabout once and now it is time to get off the carousel and do it all again – in a much more stressful way. But now is the time to take lead from David Rose on his wedding morning. His maid of honour Stevie takes all of the unseen challenges (such as the celebrant not being able to make it, the storm cancelling their wedding venue setting to name a few) and along with Johnny Rose the town are able to re-plan the wedding and put together last minute changes. The take away from this is to let your closest people help you. Planning a wedding is hard enough and having to change it during the middle of a pandemic is not easy. Your wedding may not look how you imagined, but there are ways it will be just how you wanted it too. Which leads me on to my last nugget of Schitt’s Creek wisom:




Like David, you have probably been planning this day for years. When re-planning your wedding day you may encounter some set backs.  Some suppliers may not available on your new dates, your venue may have to change.  Although you have been planning and pinning inspiration on your Pinterest boards for years, your wedding is not about the stuff. Your wedding day is not about the perfect venue, the dream flowers or even the best videographer – the day is about getting married to your love.


There is no doubt that the ‘stuff’ makes it all aesthetically beautiful. But when it comes down to your wedding day we have to take lessons from David’s husband to be Patrick. He promises David that they will “make the absolute best” of the day and what matters is that they’re married at the end of it. Which is true of all weddings. Postponed or not.




Even if your sister wears a dress that looks like a wedding dress, or you have to get married in your run down village hall, or even if your mother has to become your celebrant. These all happen in Schitt’s Creek by the way. The point that is being made is that your wedding will have the happy ending you have always dreamed about (if you’ve seen the last episode you will see why this is key) because you will have married your person.  The stuff is not the most important and the postponed COVID weddings that have happened this year – I can guarantee will be celebrated with the most amount of joy when they take place.


Thank you for indulging my Schitt’s Creek obsession 


Hopefully some of the lessons you found helpful and perhaps inspired you to watch it too.  If like me you love Schitt’s Creek here is a little blog about why we should work together. 



Image credits to Vulture and Rotten Tomatoes. 

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