Wedding Advise – What Do You Do If It Rains On Your Wedding Day

What Happens If It Rains At My Wedding? – Fun Wedding Photography Tips To Help You Prepare

Picture this: You plan the most perfect summer wedding with dreams of fun wedding photography in the sunshine and then the unthinkable happens. Rain is forecast on your wedding day. “What happens if it rains on my wedding?” I get so many couples ask me the same question. Understandably when you are organising the best day of your life you want to make sure there is a back up plan.

Fun wedding photography, wedding advice for rain on your wedding day

In my career as a wedding photographer I have not photographed many weddings where it has torrentially rained all day. Thankfully there are usually times in the day where the rain will let up. This will enable you to have some fun wedding photography opportunities. However there have been one or two weddings where it has rained all day like Charlotte and Anthony’s Lake District barn wedding. If you are unsure how you are going to navigate your wet weather wedding, I have a few handy tips for you.

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Tip One – Plan For The Rain

The weather forecast is there for a reason. One of the most frustrating things about the presence of rain on your wedding day is when it’s unexpected. The surprise of rain is worse if you don’t plan for the downpour. If there is even the hint that the heavens will open stockpile the umbrellas! Check with your venue that they have enough indoor space as a back up for your reception. Having an outdoor reception can be ruined if you do not plan even the slightest appearance of rain. Likewise for your couples portraits. Having some indoor space for these is the golden ticket for fun wedding photography.

Fun wedding photography, guests walk with umbrellas from a wedding ceremony

Tip Two – Embrace It!

It is a myth that rain ruins your wedding day, some people even believe it to be lucky. The only thing that can ruin your wedding is your mindset. My advice to you would be to EMBRACE the rain! If you embrace the rain on your wedding then you open up all the possibilities of fun wedding photography. I always like to use your umbrellas for creative wedding portraits! The best part about rain is the excuse to have a cuddle together avoid the falling water. My best photography advice is to get your Gene Kelly on and dance in the rain! It would make for one hell of a story.

Fun wedding photography, wedding advice for rain on your wedding day

Tip Three – Be Flexible

Couples can be disappointed with the prospect of rain. Possibly because they are upset with the loss of what could have been. Long gone are those ideas of dreamy sunset portraits bathed in golden hour light. However if you are able to be flexible with your ideas and timings your wedding can be exactly what you wanted. You can still have confetti – many venues will let you throw your flowers inside. Likewise with wedding portraits. You may not have your dreamy sunset photography, but you can create some wonderful portraits in beautiful places. Take Sam and Steve’s Surrey wedding. Rain crept into their wedding day and it was so torrential by the evening I had to come up with a plan B. Luckily they were the most flexible couple and before we knew it we were creating the most gorgeous portraits in the venues greenhouse!

Fun wedding photography, candid wedding portrait in a greenhouse

The Moral Of The Story is if It Rains on Your Wedding Day – DON’T PANIC

This is the crucial part. Breathe and say it again – DON’T PANIC! At the end of your day you will still end up being married, whatever the weather. Remember you cannot hide the fact that it rained on your wedding so why not embrace it?

If you would like more help planning your day take a look at my wedding timeline schedule or if you would like to check out some local Surrey wedding suppliers have a look at my event photography for Miss Bush Bridal.

However, if you would like to to be part of your day come by and say hello!

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