Surrey Family Photography – Outdoor Family Shoot

Relaxed Outdoor Family Photography at Holmbury Hill

What is possibly the most wonderful thing about this outdoor family shoot is the fact that it felt like catching up with old friends. This is due to the fact that Jen and her family had already had a Holmbury Hill family photography shoot with me before. However, Jen had bought her extended family members along, and one new little addition! Something that is so relaxing about having an outdoor family photography session is the freedom that you and your children will experience. There are no walls to confine you and if children want to explore they can.

Relaxed Outdoor Family Shoot with Grandparents

Choosing to have extended family at your family session is a wonderful addition to at shoot. You can get portraits together as adults (which lets face it rarely happens for parents with grown up kids). Children interact with grandparents on a different level which is special to capture. There is the possibility to switch up the group portraits and for a photographer to capture interactions whilst other members are having a moment. Sometimes the candid moments between kids and adults are my favourite as they are the most genuine.

Relaxed Outdoor Group Family Portrait - Surrey Family Photography

I met Jen and her family in the car park and we all made the pilgrimage up to the top of Holmbury Hill together. This is a great time to get to know new members of the family that I had not yet met. It gives a moment to become more acquainted with each other. It was such a lovely touch to revisit where they had had their first outdoor family shoot. Revisiting spaces is something I love to do with families. It is wonderful to see how much families change and evolve since the last family photography shoot.

Outdoor Family Shoot - Surrey Family Photography Holmbury Hill
Outdoor Family Shoot - Surrey Family Photography Holmbury Hill

Grandmother and granddaughter embrace in cute and candid moment.
Mum and Daughter Play Together Outdoors - Surrey Family Photography
Grandparents with Their Grandchild in Outdoor Family Photography Shoot - Surrey
Mum and Daughter Play Together Outdoors - Surrey Family Photography
Father and Daughter Play Together - Throwing Her Up in The Air

Candid Documentary Family Photography Surrey
Documentary Family Photography Surrey
Couple Share a Moment Together on Holmbury Hill
Fun and Relaxed Group Family Portrait - Holmbury Hill Family Photography
Relaxed Outdoor Family Portrait - Surrey Family Photography

Relaxed and Candid Family Photography - Surrey
Fun and Candid Family Moments - Surrey Holmbury Hill
Fun and Candid Family Moments - Surrey Holmbury Hill
Mother and Daughter Portrait
Relaxed Grandfather and Granddaughter Portrait
Relaxed Outdoor Group Portrait - Surrey
Candid Father and Daughter Moment

Thank You For Looking Through This Lovely Holmbury Hill Family Photography Shoot

If you are interested in having a Surrey family photography session please do get in contact. I would love to hear from you and what ideas you have in mind. If you would like any inspiration please check out my favourite Surrey family photography locations. Or perhaps check out Joseph and his mum’s outdoor family shoot at St Martha’s.

Jesse x