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When planning outdoor family photography, I always find myself going back to areas that hit the best criteria for Surrey family photography locations. Having been a Surrey family photographer for nearly 10 years now, there are some firm favourite go-to spots for family shoots. Usually before booking a session in, the families get a chance to select a venue or place that is special in some way to them. Perhaps it is their grandparents garden or a local park that they go walking in every Sunday. It is not necessary that there has to be a memory tied with the location; it could be somewhere central to all participants or somewhere visually they find appealing. However, on some occasions families are not familiar with one place and this is when I get to give a list of my favourite Surrey family photography locations. Here we go!


St Martha’s Hill


Apart from being a strong family favourite of my own, St Martha’s Hill is just spectacular for outdoor family photography. On a good weather day you can see for miles and miles. The views are unparalleled and are really something. It has got quite a hill so it is not somewhere that I suggest for families including elderly members. But if you are game, the long walk up is a great way to have a chat and ease everyone into the shoot together.  The ground up and around St Martha’s hill are sand. This is especially important to note if you have your family shoot in the wet seasons of the UK.


Spontaneous and Loving LGBT Family Portrait


St Martha’s is my go-to suggestion as there is never any mud all year round! As well as good underfoot there are so many excellent places to take natural portraits together as a family. With trees to climb, swings to discover and gorgeous pine trees, it really is a plethora of photographic beauty. Take a look at Che and Charlotte’s outdoor Surrey family photoshoot with their little boy Joseph. They had a marvellous time playing in the woods and having fun together on their shoot last summer.


Richmond Park


Up next on my list of favourite Surrey family photography locations is Richmond Park. With the chance to spot deer and the wide open expanse, this park is perfect for outdoor family photography. You can visit Richmond Park and photograph two family shoots and have them look completely different. Which is something that I love about the park. There are always more places to discover! With tree lined pathways, lakes and woodland – there is almost too much scenery to choose from. The openness of the park makes it very easy to capture families without feeling too crowded or featuring too many people in the back grounds of the images.


Favourite Surrey Family Photography Locations


With wide sweeping pathways kids can bring their scooters and parents can bring buggies alike. There are lots of locations within the park to choose from so the variety is something that as a Surrey family photographer I find appealing. It gives every family the opportunity to have unique images, whilst benefiting from a glorious outdoor park. One of my favourite sessions was with Ali and her family at Pen Ponds in Richmond – there is never a limit to family members on my shoots, the more the merrier! It is wonderful to capture the interactions of all ages within a family unit.


Blackheath Common


Much like my favoured location of St Martha’s, this next spot has many similar qualities. Blackheath Common is just beautiful. It benefits from having large open sandy areas as well as woodlands. Which makes it one of my best Surrey family photography locations. There is enough space and secret areas for you to have your family shoot without prying eyes. Plus there are so many pathways that you can have a variety of locations in one photoshoot. Unlike St Martha’s this landscape is not as demanding, so it perfect for little ones and elderly alike. There are also plenty of wooden benches and seats along the way. This location is perfect in the morning and even more so with a hint of evening sun.


Outdoor family photography, Surrey family photography locations


Virginia Water Lake


Possibly in a past life I was a sea creature as I find myself always drawn to areas of water. This is especially true of Virginia Water Lake which is on my preferred list of Surrey family photography locations. With its choice of botanical gardens, open water, wide pathways and woodland, this Surrey hot spot is a smorgasbord of scenery. Like many of the other locations I have recommended, this location is great for its wide open spaces. You will not feel crowded or on show in this park, which is perfect for camera shy adults and children alike. There is enough space that everyone is able to roam freely and find new places to capture natural portraits in, just like Adrian and his family did here. 


Virginia Water Family Photography, Surrey Family Photographer


Chantry Wood


Last but by no means least on my list is Chantry Wood. Like all of my other location suggestions, Chantry Wood has many similar qualities. There is such a broad scale to the Chantries that you can walk for a long time without bumping into anyone. Because of this there are lots of lovely places to have family sessions within the woods. It lends itself for outdoor family photography on brighter days as some of the woodland is quite dense. But on a sunny afternoon, the sunlight can create such beautiful dappling effects. There are many ways up to the Chantry Wood so if there are less able bodied people in your family unit there are many ways to make it up to the woodlands. Like many other Surrey locations on this list there is a lot of sand underfoot, which makes walking around and sitting down together for portraits a pleasure. Take a look here to see this lovely laid back family shoot to celebrate Maddy’s mother in laws birthday.


Chantry Wood family shoot, Surrey


There you have it, my top FIVE favourite Surrey family photography locations


At the time of writing this blog I am aware that socially distanced family photography is still high priority.  As a Surrey family photographer in this pandemic I am extremely aware of the importance of safety for everyone. If you are reading this and want to book in a Surrey family photography session but are unsure of how you feel then please do take a look at this Covid safe family photography blog I wrote all about how I am adapting my business.  Luckily outdoor family photography lends itself amazingly well to complying with social distancing guidelines. You can even have family photography at home with social distancing measures in place just as Frederikke did with her family before the country went into lockdown at Christmas.

Jesse x