Looking For an LGBTQ Family Photographer



Announcing that I am an LGBTQ family photographer may look strange on this website. It is almost the same statement that I made as I started my blog about being an LGBTQ friendly wedding photographer. Surely you don’t need to announce it? All families are the same you say? Coming from a same sex parent household, it is of the upmost importance to me that I reiterate that I am a supporter and ally of the LGBTQ community. Because, you see, although society has moved on, it is still important to people who identify within the LGBTQ community to know that there is a safe space for them.




With the way the world is LGBTQ families and couples will still most likely Google things like: LGBTQ friendly holiday destinations. I know this from personal friends, clients and couples I have spoken to. So why should it be any different with their photography? Families want to feel relaxed when having their photograph taken, and it is the photographers job to make sure this atmosphere is achieved. The last thing you want is someone making inappropriate or chauvinistic comments about who is the ‘Dad’ in the family (for example). As a child of lesbian parents, I understand how these comments can make you feel from people outside your family unit.


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My approach to family photography is very relaxed. I like to refer to it as guided portraiture. I treat everyone as an individual. My objective as an LGBTQ family photographer is to capture your families essence and the originality of your unit in a fun and loving way.   Within this ethic, I do not impose any preconception or opinions about any family set ups or the make up of anyones loved ones.


I learned from an early age that love is love


Whether you are expecting, or want a shoot of your gorgeous family I will be there to capture it with the biggest smile on my face. Because I understand how important it is for families like mine. It is important to never underestimate the value of expressing your support.  A couple I have worked with (who recently had their engagement shoot featured on Dancing With Her) had this to say about working with me as an LGBTQ friendly wedding photographer:


 It was important to  us to feel comfortable around our photographer and that they were LGBTQ+ friendly. We chose her because we instantly felt at ease with her. Even down to the tone of her emails, she made us feel 100% comfortable. We also love her style of photography, and she is an LGBTQ+ friendly photographer who grew up with two mums. From how our engagement shoot turned out, we know we have made the right choice; the photos are absolutely gorgeous.


Love is a pure form and it does not manifest in only one specific way. This is the same for love, and it is the same for families. No matter how you create yours or who you love, there is no one way to make a family.  As I have said before, I hold space for everyone – no matter what your family set up looks like. If you still need some convincing take a look at my Five Reasons Why We Should Work Together .

Jesse x