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Do You Have Questions As Couple Looking For A   LGBTQ   Friendly Wedding Photographer?


What does it mean to announce that you are an LGBTQ+ friendly wedding photographer? It is announcing that you support and are an ally to this community.  I get the same rush of adrenaline with every shutter click of my camera with every wedding that I photograph. However, with these weddings there was a huge importance that was sitting on my shoulders.




Although I will never feel the importance of such a momentous occasion for LGBTQ couples when they marry, having same sex parents I can understand the magnitude of what the experience represents to same sex couples. Growing up with two mums I was aware that they were not allowed to be married like my friends parents were. I understood the injustice very clearly.


LGBTQ friendly wedding photographer


When the day came that I was able to stand next to my mother as she married the woman she loved, the feeling was complete and utter elation. When I set out in my career of wedding photography, I knew that in the heart of my business I wanted to celebrate LGBTQ+ marriages. Not only that, but within my photography business I wanted to state and project my commitment to working with diverse couples of all faiths, gender identity and sexual orientation.


You Shouldn’t Have To Ask About Whether Someone Is An LGBTQ Friendly Wedding Photographer


This should not have to be a question that as a couple you would ask. However, in this social climate where Trump is allowed to run an entire country on a sexist-bigoted-homophobic tirade. To where the wedding industry outputs a heavily heteronormative image into the world. It is not surprising that some couples may feel the need to ask these types of questions. I am here to tell you that you do not need to ask those questions here.


As a professional I set out to photograph you. Wonderful, creative, quirky, one of a kind – you.


LGBTQ Friendly wedding photographer, Brighton


I treat everyone as an individual. My objective as a wedding photographer is to capture your essence and the originality of your wedding day.   Within this ethic, I do not impose any preconception or opinions about any couples who I work with or the purpose of their wedding days. I learned from an early age that love is love. It is a pure form and it does not manifest in only one specific way.


I hold space for everyone.


Hopefully you can see through my gender mutual use of language and images on my website that this is a safe space. Through this blog post I wanted to reiterate my passion and commitment for providing and working with amazing couples, however they identify themselves as well as age, race and physical ability status. I want to photograph it all and stand by brave, amazing, courageous and beautiful people.


LGBTQ Friendly Wedding Photographer Surrey


You should not have to ask if someone is an LGBTQ friendly wedding photographer – this should not have to be asked anywhere.  I am here to create beautiful imagery and capture gorgeous straight weddings, gay weddings, lavish weddings, registry office weddings, religious weddings, outdoor weddings and everything else that fits the bill. As a photographer I am here to celebrate with you and capture your identity and essence on your wedding day. If you are not into the traditional wedding set up – that is totally fine by me.


Take it from a child of lesbian parents who was Christened in her back garden to atheist parents by a gay vicar wearing Bermuda shorts that there is no judgement here.


As I have said before, I hold space for everyone – no matter what wedding or life you have designed. If you still need some convincing take a look at my Five Reasons Why We Should Work Together .



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Thank you for being present in my honest conversation about what is means to be a LGBTQ friendly wedding photographer


Here in my latest blog I focus on the continual learning on how to be a more inclusive wedding supplier. I attended an LGBTQ wedding photography workshop with Love For All weddings so please do take a look at my East Sussex wedding photography experience.

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