London Family Photography – Tiny Hands and Newborn Smiles



When Christi contacted me for some newborn baby photography it was such a lovely enquiry. Her baby was so tiny having been born prematurely months before. I arrived in London to a very warm welcome of smiles and a cup of tea! We sat and chatted for a while before taking some photographs of little Amelia who was asleep in her moses basket. She was so incredibly tiny and beautiful. Whilst she was still sleeping we took the opportunity to take some family portraits of all three of them together. These family portraits happen in a natural way, with lots of cuddles and smiles at your cute baby.


Natural Light Newborn London Family Photography


As a family photographer I know how important it is to capture natural moments as well as guided. This is why we spent some time capturing Amelia feeding and sleeping. Amelia was very sleepy and stayed that way for most of our session together. A sleeping baby is not the worst thing as this gives the opportunity to have lots of loving family photographs all together. It was such a wonderful experience to capture Amelia and her family in the early stages of her life.  I hope that you enjoy looking through the images as much as I loved spending time with this gorgeous little family.


Newborn baby photography Surrey

Happy family photography Surrey

Mother and baby family photography Surrey

Mum and baby family photography Surrey

Natural family photography Surrey

Creative family photography Surrey

Tiny baby with her family Surrey portrait photography


Thank you so much for having a look through these photographs. Being present in the first few weeks and months to photography your newborn is a wonderful gift. These moments travel by so fast so it is important to document them as a memory you can cherish forever.  If you are at all interested in having a newborn baby photography session with myself please do get in contact with me. Alternatively, take a look at this newborn babies first bath time or perhaps this relaxed photoshoot at home in the garden. 

Jesse x