Has The Pandemic Cancelled My Destination Wedding?



It is disappointing for many couples having to rethink their destination wedding plans, derailing their search for the perfect Copenhagen wedding photographer or beachside ceremony location perhaps. There is a sense of time standing still when planning for a wedding abroad at a time like this. As with many postponed Covid weddings, couples are left feeling a little stranded with choices to make. Whilst your wedding day plans might seem put on hold, there is light at the end of the tunnel for many couples planning a destination wedding.


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There are many unknown factors when planning a wedding in another country, especially during a pandemic. My blog post all about hiring a destination wedding photographer gives a general outline of what it is like to choose destination wedding photography. But if you would like some more information and potential tips then keep on reading. Here are some important factors to consider when planning your wedding.


Remember Travel is Restricted


During the pandemic many countries closed their borders during the lockdowns. This obviously halted international travel and put couples in a bind when planning their weddings in places other than their own. But it is important to realise that these restrictions are there for a reason. So when checking your dream destination wedding location, be mindful of that countries policies. Some countries like the UK are already vaccinating their population which is a really positive step for international weddings. However, this is a privilege and many countries have not had the same opportunity.  With travel restrictions in mind, it may be more responsible to plan for a 2022 or a 2023 destination wedding?


Hire or Seek Help When Planning Your Destination Wedding


If you are looking into getting hitched abroad, first check out places of information. For example the website Getting Married In Denmark Copenhagen is such a wonderful tool to utilise. With online assistants to chat through your concerns and plans, it really is invaluable. They give helpful first hand advice about getting married in Denmark. With online chat agents, frequently asked questions, popular locations to visit and a history of the City Hall on their website – there is so much useful information.


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Not only is there extensive information about getting married in Copenhagen, but there is lots of detailed insight into getting married in other parts of Denmark too on the website. From choosing your location to picking a Copenhagen wedding photographer, this website has all you need to start planning. There are many other websites and planners like this one, that can help minimise your stress of planning a wedding in a country other than your own. Just by searching destination wedding planners and on day co-ordinators can eliminate your daily worry when planning your big day.


Consider Choices Carefully When Planning a Destination Wedding


We know that restrictions can change overnight in the ever changing landscape of this pandemic. This is why when you are choosing a destination wedding photographer or a venue abroad that you choose carefully. Check contracts and stipulations with wedding vendors. Be prepared that to alter your plans along with the guidelines of the current state of the laws. Be on the look out to regularly check other countries COVID protocol and rules to keep in line with your destination wedding plans.


Most of all Remain Kind, Calm and Collected


Keep in the front of your mind that we are all going through this together. A destination wedding photographer or a destination wedding planner will have had all their plans and future weddings postpone. This is a huge amount of stress and worry, so remain calm when talking to suppliers. Take their advice and listen to their points. The world is opening up and slowly life will return to some semblance of ‘normal’. There are positive steps with vaccinations that in the future will allow destination weddings to go ahead. In the mean time when planning your destination wedding consider these points.


Aim To Possibly Plan For a 2022/2023 Wedding Abroad To Avoid Travel Restriction Worry


Seek Help From Overseas Wedding Planners or Organisations


Be Mindful of Other Countries COVID Rules and Protocol 


Remain Calm and Remember That There is Light at The End of The Tunnel!


If you are looking for a Copenhagen wedding photographer or a destination wedding photographer then please do look no further. I am desperate to visit my families homeland of Denmark when travel is more frequent and what better way than to fly over for a destination wedding photography job and to see family? See here the reasons why I believe we should work together.


If you would like a little more inspiration here is a destination French vineyard wedding that I was privilege to be a part of. Or perhaps a Scandinavian theme has found you on this website with a Destination wedding photographer Sweden search.

Jesse x