Surrey Engagement Photography – Painshill Park Engagement


For Julien’s proposal we organised that he would pop the question at the Temple of Bacchus. This location was the perfect setting for their Painshill Park engagement. The majestic architecture, secluded location and the tall pillars are a great backdrop for a surprise proposal. As a venue it is also far enough from the sites entrance so that there will be a quiet place away from the general public hustle and bustle. I love this place in Painshill Park. It has been used for some other engagements like Charlie and Ashleigh’s surprise proposal.

Painshill Park Engagement Proposal

After hiding and walking around pretending to look at flowers, I spotted the couple walking up with their dog. Thankfully Julien bought their pup with them, as it was a good distinguishing factor. Usually with surprise engagements you have to be very specific with what you are wearing so that I don’t miss the moment! As a Surrey engagement photographer I always stay far enough away to capture ‘the moment’. This is so that the two of you have some privacy, without over hearing anything.

Julien’s Surprise Painshill Park Engagement

With their dog Exxon right next to them, Julien got down on one knee and asked Mithu to marry him. She said “Yes”! Once the question had been popped I moved in closer to congratulate the couple. It is always so wonderful to capture couples in love once they have got engaged. The atmosphere is so electric and happy. Smiles all around and excited conversations! It is also a good opportunity for me to then connect with the couple and get to know their love story in more depth.

After the initial excitement we all walked around together in the park. Exploring the venues many beautiful landmarks and locations. Having Exxon the dog with us was such a lovely experience too. Painshill Park is a gorgeous venue to have engagement photographs, with many different backdrops to choose from. It is a very versatile place to get the best couples photographs.

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