Groom Preparation Photography – What You Need To Know



When planning a wedding couples mostly ask me what the process with groom preparation photography is? Do you need to have it? Is it included within the package? Mostly couples want to know if boys really want to have their groom prep captured. My answer is always OF COURSE.  If it is important to you it is important. There is no reason why the girls should have all the fun in the morning. In my time as a Surrey wedding photographer I have photographed some weddings were I have only documented with groom preparation photography. Such as Hannah and Andy’s alternative theatre wedding at The Wilde Theatre where Andy was the one who wanted the coverage and Hannah didn’t.

Groom Preparation Photography Tips and ideas…


The bottom line is that your wedding day is yours to design. If you would like to include groom prep in your wedding schedules then so you should! There are just as many moments during groom preparation photography that warrant documenting just as much as the ladies. Why should the boys miss out on all the fun. If you are on the fence then I have a couple of handy advice tips for your groom preparation photography morning antics and why you should include it on your wedding day.


groomsmen sort out each others ties




We are all accustomed to seeing the hanging dress shot and countless images of brides shoes, but please do not just hold this space for the girls. There are lots of lovely details to capture during your groom preparation photography.  On a wedding morning, if I am travelling to both the bridal preparation and capturing the groomsmen I leave about an hour for mingling with the boys. There are less aspects to capture than with the girls so usually splitting at the boys for an hour and the girls for an hour and a half to to hours is enough. This time is more than enough. It allows me to hang out with the groomsmen and capture moments that would normally go undocumented.  Hugs between friends, wedding rings placed carefully and half written speeches are amongst the wedding details that will be captured on a wedding morning. Along with other memorable moments and trinkets.


groom preparation photography

surrey wedding photographer captures wedding details

groom brushes his teeth on his wedding day, destination wedding photographer Sweden

wedding rings placed together on wooden surface, groom preparation photography

groomsmen prepares his wedding speech




I have lost count the amount of times that I have had to rescue a groomsman and a pocket square. Almost at every wedding couples will say to me that I was so much more than a wedding photographer. I base this comment solely on the fact that not only do I have impeccable time keeping skills but I also am nifty with a sewing needle and can fasten a mean looking button hole. It pays to leave enough time so that you loved ones are not stressing about the button hole application.  The amount of wedding mornings I have turned up at to groomsmen huddled around a youtube video of someone fastening a bow tie is countless!


groom preparation photography, mother attaches button hole to son

surrey wedding photographer capturing groomsman prep

groom preparation photography, groomsmen learn how to tie a bow tie

Groom does his tie up on the morning of the wedding

father of the bride and the groom arrange their button holes




Remember to save time to have a little dram before you head off to the ceremony. It is of course subject to if you like whiskey – I cannot stand the stuff. So if like me you prefer tequila, or if you like something softer make time for your boys. It is nice to have a moment to cheers together and celebrate not only your friendship but also to rejoice in the future.  Likewise, you do not need to get your groomsmen a present at all. But usually with all the rushing around that happens on a morning these can get forgotten. So remember to make time during your groom preparation photography to slow down and have a drink or dish out the pressies together.


Groomsmen cheers together on a wedding morning

groomsman gift on a wedding morning of a pocket knife

groomsmen hug each other, documentary wedding photography

Whiskey bottle, groom preparation photography

groomsmen portrait at groom preparation photography shoot




If you are interested in hiring a Surrey wedding photographer like myself to capture your special day, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear about your wedding plans and if you would like to include groom preparation photography within your day! Alternatively, if you are not looking for Surrey wedding coverage check out this post all about hiring a destination wedding photographer. 



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